Laser Treatment for Weight Loss and Overall Longevity?

At Thinique we teach that Real weight loss can be attained, but it is work:

Laser Treatment for Weight Loss and Overall Longevity?

Laser Treatment for Weight Loss:  So much is written on why losing weight is great for helping to sustain a healthy life, but as are often brushed under the table are the real reasons why staying light generally means you’ll live longer, and that is that skinnier people generally have fewer heart and blood pressure issues.
Blood and heart pressure:

Higher blood pressure may result in higher cholesterol levels, and as little as 20lbs in weight gain can make you prone to these risks.

Going from bad cholesterol (LDL) and good cholesterol (HDL) levels can be easily reconcilable which will dramatically reduce your risk of a stroke and heart attack, even by losing as little as just 5% of your overall body weight.

Diabetes as we all know is a big danger if you’re carrying round too much weight.

The constant consumption of high glucose carbs and trans fats causes insulin levels to rise – insulin being the hormone that stores fat, hence you gain weight.

Reducing and moderating your weight however can be enough to monitor your diabetes without the need of any medication, thus not exposing you to any potential medicinal treatment effects.

Roughly 80% of diabetes is related to obesity but it should be noted that the constant consumption of alcohol that may not result in too much weight gain often also leads to developing this disease due to the constant intake of high glucose content.
Fad diets, programs, pills, packaged food and impractical exercise:

Years of fad diets, specialty micro-waved foods, prescription pills and promise-less diet programs don’t help matters.
Latest laser treatment:

The “Miracle Procedures to Fight Fat” which get regurgitated every time online weight loss searches sky rocket at the end of the year should also be taken with a pinch of salt – especially from those American TV dietitians with financial incentives.

The latest of which is laser liposuction which is incentivized through free trials, and requires you to undergo 6 separate 40 minute treatments, and targets the  adipose tissue, emulsifying it into interstitial space which then passes through the body during the regular body detoxifying process.

Clinical trials argue on average that 3.6 inches are lost from the waist, hip and thigh circumference in the first fortnight, but be prepared for surgery ailments.
Dangers of laser treatment for overall longevity:

Laser treatment obviously leaves scars however advanced today’s surgeons may be, plus more dangerously, if you are looking to lose weight for longevity purposes then this is a short cut into kidding yourself you’re on the right path.

You’re not. Only a day to day disciplined routine of healthy food and some regular moderate exercise with additional natural OTC (over the counter) metabolic boosting supplements which can breakdown fat deposits faster than a regular diet is the way to go – unless you’re wanting a non-sustainable quick fix.

Laser surgery also bears no impression on improving the health of your body internally, so high blood and heart pressure will remain as they are.

Thinique Can Design A Customized Plan For You That Works:

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